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Our office concentrates in debt recovery and collections. All of our staff members are proficient collectors compliant with both the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act of 1978 and HIPAA regulations.  


About Us

Our firm was established in 1991 with a focus on medical and consumer debt recovery. Our experience in pre-suit collection efforts, as well as litigation and judgment remedies, provides high returns for our clients. Remember placement with an attorney allows our clients to eliminate the middleman and proceed directly to legal collections, which results in lower cost and less inconvenience.

Our Professional Recovery Service: 

  • Provides a realistic assessment of each case, investigates collection possibilities and  considers more appropriate litigation alternatives such as mediation or direct negotiation. 
  • Delivers timely updates on the collection process and accurate reports to anticipate your cash flow. 
  • Creates detailed reports highlighting current results including reports such as acknowledgment, status, bankruptcy, closed, and consumer communications. 

John E. Lindner

John E. Lindner has been a member of the Maryland Bar Association since 1991 and is a current member of the Association of Credit and Collection Professionals - ACA International.

Our Relationship-Building Approach:

  • Allows us to work with each client based on their unique circumstances. 
  • Creates the opportunity to optimize the collection process and increase rate of recovery. 
  • Employs a consultative approach by educating the consumer on debt management including Incorporates an education and proactive approach resulting in more amicable and sustainable outcomes. charity care, counseling resources, budgeting, and monthly payment plans. 
  • Incorporates an education and proactive approach resulting in more amicable and sustainable outcomes. 
  • Fosters on-time payment with automatic calls and account status to show their progress. 


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For nearly three decades, the Law Office of John E. Lindner, PA has been committed to unwavering legal and ethical standards that provide the highest quality of professional litigation and collection services for our business clients.


We provide client services that span the full cycle of accounts receivable including customizable recovery solutions that deliver exceptional customer service, clear communication and full compliance that drive positive bottom-line results. Our experienced and professional team performs within established legal boundaries and becomes an extension of your management strategy.


Our success rate demonstrates that we understand the nuance associated with the ever changing state and federal regulations that govern the Accounts Receivable Management (ARM) industry. Our team members are certifies and are proficient collectors compliant with the Fair Debt Collections Practice Act of 1978 (FDCPA), HIPPA regulations and the Maryland Consumer Protection Act. 

Our professional team analyzes the unique needs of each business and financial institution to tailor a recovery solution. Our practice is known for its strengths in reversing growing deficits and restoring financial sustainability to hospitals, medical groups, health care agencies and finical institution.

The Lindner collection and recovery team is a strong negotiation force that is adaptable to unforeseen situations, while providing timely collections and recovery activities. We focus on the overall business to assess risk, design effective methodologies that ensure regulatory compliance and execute strategist that maximize recovery and maintain your organizations integrity.

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Law Office of John E. Lindner

Lindner understands that no matter how large or small your delinquent accounts, managing cash flow is essential to your survival. Managing delinquencies in addition to running a business is extremely challenging. We partner with you to determine the most profitable course of action to ease the demands of your time.